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House cleaning

We offer cleaning services for your home. We want your home to sparkle and shine. Having professionals clean our home saves us, so much time and our house looks fabulous!! Everything smell fresh and clean and is so shine and sparkling. We have more time to spend with each other and a lot less stress of having to worry about cleaning. We know the responsibility we have when we send our team to their residence, for this reason our clients are assigned regular staff so that they have confidence and respect for their privacy. If for any reason you are ever not completely satisfied with any area your “Thorough clean up” cleaning team has cleaned, we ask that you let us know within 24 hours of the maid services, we will re-clean the are at no additional charge. We want you completely satisfied with our cleaning services. Your satisfaction is our number-one priority.

We look forward to a partnership with your company and keeping your office beautiful and spotless everyday.

One-time Deep Cleaning

We provider a thorough one-time clean for:

All one-time cleaning are equivalent to our initial cleaning services.


We start with an thorough clean of your home, which includes: Baseboards, vacuuming ceiling corners, ceiling fans, wet wiping all kitchen cabinet doors, frames, window sills, window frames, etc.

Furniture and carpet is thoroughly vacuumed. Bathrooms are disinfected with attention to soap-scum and calcium build up. We will get your home free of dust, debris and smudges.

Inside of refrigerator and ovens can also be clean upon request.

Weekly or Bi-Weekly

We start with an initial thorough clean of your home, which includes: Washing down all of woodwork, cobwebs removed, blinds and window sills, baseboards, lamps and lampshades, pictures and Knick-knacks, furniture, top of refrigerator, outside of appliances.

Customized Rotation Plan

Once we have accomplished our thorough initial clean, we maintain your clean home with regular cleaning on a weekly, bi-weekly, three-weekly or monthly schedule.

What would you rather be doing?

Hiring a cleaning service is great for anyone who would rather be doing something else other than cleaning.

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